Animal Charms

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Love animals? Check out our extensive selection of ANIMAL CHARMS

At The Charm Works, we just LOVE animals! We love all animals…not just cats and dogs (although they have to be some of our favourites!) but exotic animals like bears and sea horses and fictional animals such as Unicorns! We are a nation of animal lovers and our customers are always requesting charms to represent their adored pet or often the pet that they want but just can’t have…like a lion!!


We have silver animal charms, crystal animal charms and enamel animal charms…so pretty much something for everyone! We even have a brand new Sterling Silver Animal Charm Bracelet with 8 cute animal charms already attached! At only £69…this bracelet is a real bargain and the perfect way to start a beautifully loving animal charm collectors item. Go on…let us know which is your favourite animal charm!


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