Bead Charms

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The CharmWorks has a huge selection of BEAD CHARMS…more than you could possibly imagine!!


Below I have posted links to some of our brand new BEAD CHARM CATEGORIES. Follow the links and explore!



    beads charm                                   


Bead charms are so versatile they are great! Easy to slip on and off a bead  charm bracelet and so varied in their materials and colour…one set of charm beads could give you many different styles of bracelet!


With the increase in the cost of silver and gold, glass and enamel charm beads are becoming more and more popular and with their increased popularity…we have responded by increasing our selection giving you more choice than ever.


Why not try some letter beads for your charm bead bracelet to give it that ever popular personalised touch??? As always…here at TheCharmWorks we just love your please do get in touch!


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