Christmas Charms

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Looking for a cute Christmas Charm for your charm bracelet or for your Mum, Sister or friend? TheCharmWorks has LOADS of Christmas charms and in our 1st Christmas blog post we wanted to introduce you to our Christmas Charm Categories below.


We have 6 different Christmas Charm Categories to make it as easy as possible for you to find the Christmas Charm you are looking for! We have ANGELS  –  SANTA CLAUS  –  SNOWMEN & SNOWFLAKES  –  TREES & DECORATIONS  –  and TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS.…!

Angel Charms  Christmas Tree Charms Christmas Charms   Christmas Charms    Christmas Charms   Christmas Charms


Our Christmas Charms are just what you would expect from Christmas…shiny, lustrous, sparkly and…festive!! All made from solid Sterling Silver and some decorated with Swarovski crystals and colourful enamelTheCharmWorks’ Christmas Charms are a sure bet for Christmas presents this year.



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