Enamel Charms

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Looking to freshen up your charm bracelet with a splash of vibrant colour?!?! Why not add an enamel charm to your bracelet?!


Enamel charms really are a great way to introduce something new to your charm bracelet or pendant. Enamel is such a great material for jewellery….hard and durable yet as colourful as the rainbow and with a stunningly glamorous lustrious texture that never fails to impress.


TheCharmWorks has a huge range of enamel charms that you will just adore! Only recently we launched a new range of enamel charms that have proved everso popular; our faberge Style Egg Charms.…take a look below!

Should you however fancy something less glam and more fun however do not dispair…we have sooooo many enamel charms we are sure that you will find something that you will just love…! We have enamel ice cream charms, fashion charms for all the lady fashionistas out there and one of most popular enamel charms, the artisits paletteGo on, Click here and browse further!





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