Good Luck Charms

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Superstition is a funny thing and for many, an idea that belongs to the dark ages! How wrong could they be! Superstition and the idea of ‘Good Luck’ is something that many people carry with them through their lives and draw from it comfort and strength. ‘Amulets‘ or ‘good luck charms‘ are thriving and are more popular than ever. Here at TheCharmWorks, we just love our lucky charms category!

Possibly the most popular good luck charms among younger girls today are the lucky wishbone charms which worn on a charm bracelet or simply hung on an elegant silver chain brim with simple elegance. Our lucky shamrock charms are also very popular (no surprise there!) and are a firm favourite with our Irish customers and those who adore everything the Celtic Tiger has to offer! If you are looking for a simple, elegant but meaningful gift for a loved one…have a look and we’re sure you’ll find something perfect!

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