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Alphabet Beads

Thursday, September 15th, 2011


Looking for ALPHABET BEADS? Say it in the most special way possible…say it with charms.



Here at The Charm Works we just LOVE Alphabet Beads. Easy to attach to your silver charm bracelet, easy to change around…our sterling silver alphabet beads are possibly the most creative charms we have. Whether you are looking just for a few initials…or whether you want to say something special to a loved one such as “LOVE YOU”, “BE MINE”…or even…”MARRY ME” the possibilities are endless.


The unique characteristic of every charm bracelet is the idea of individuality; that no two bracelets are the same and that each charm on every bracelet means something very special to the owner. We love this idea of jewelery that is worth far more than its monetary value as it is steeped in nostagic, emotional and sentimental value.


Our Sterling silver Alphabet Beads give you the freedom to creat something totally unique that has its impact not only in the beauty of the jewelery itself; but in the giving of a gift that is individual, personal and totally unique.



Bead Charms

Friday, July 29th, 2011


The CharmWorks has a huge selection of BEAD CHARMS…more than you could possibly imagine!!


Below I have posted links to some of our brand new BEAD CHARM CATEGORIES. Follow the links and explore!



    beads charm                                   


Bead charms are so versatile they are great! Easy to slip on and off a bead  charm bracelet and so varied in their materials and colour…one set of charm beads could give you many different styles of bracelet!


With the increase in the cost of silver and gold, glass and enamel charm beads are becoming more and more popular and with their increased popularity…we have responded by increasing our selection giving you more choice than ever.


Why not try some letter beads for your charm bead bracelet to give it that ever popular personalised touch??? As always…here at TheCharmWorks we just love your please do get in touch!


Charm Beads

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

TheCharmWorks blog posts to date have given you a shiny snap-shot of our stunning silver charms and charm bracelets, featuring some of our best selling items, along with new additions to our silver charms catalogue which growing by the day,  affords our loyal customers more choice than ever!! Moreover, TheCharmWorks Design Team is hard at work to bring you the newest looks and combinations of charms and charm bracelets that will keep you looking fabulous every day, no matter the occasion.

This week, our dedicated design team are raving about a relatively new addition to TheCharmWorks family…our Charm Beads and Charm Bead Bracelets!! The buzz words among the designers are flexible-fabulous-fashion…and the key to our charm beads  is just that…they are incredibly flexible…and can be added to your bracelet or taken off in an instant which allows you to create a multitude of different looks with one bracelet!!

Crystal Charm BeadPink Crystal Charm BeadCrystal Charm Bead

Deep purple Crystal Charm Beadsilver heart charm beadsilver crystal crown charm bead

Following the design team’s remit, we pulled together some of our favourite silver charm beads and crystal charm beads to create a beautiful Pretty in Pink charm bead bracelet combination that is simply stunning…! I think they work beautifully together as graded shades of pink, however if I was to wear this for a dinner with my in-laws, maybe I’d chose just the silver beads along with the lovely white crystal bead and similarly just chose the pretty ‘party’ pink beads for a night out with my ladies on the town! Whatever your fancy…there is no doubting the flexibility of these pieces of jewellery which not only make them amazing value for money but something that you will wear for more than one season.

Have a look at our amazing range of bead charms where you will also find glass charm beads, colourful glass bead charms and beautiful novelty bead charms. As always, please get in touch with your feedback!