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Graduation Gifts

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Three or more years of study (and partying in equal measure); the first time living away from home; a real taste of independence; meeting the person we will go on to marry….our time at University has to be one of the most important milestones in our lives and one that has a profound effect on graduates and their friends and families alike. For many of us, the friendships we make in Freshers Week will carry us through to adulthood and beyond. Furthermore, the subjects and vocations that we ‘read’ will equip us with the knowledge and experience needed to go on and succeed professionally. Our time at University is life changing…and for this reason…graduation is well worth celebrating!

For most lucky graduates, their friends and families will be looking for a way to show their loved ones how proud they are on this special day by giving them a gift that is both  fashionable and timeless. A sterling silver bracelet or sterling silver necklace with silver graduation charms is the ideal way to say “Well Done” at graduation. Below we have posted some of our most popular graduation charms to help you along the way with your choices. Why not try pairing a mortarboard charm with a diploma charm or depending on the graduate…one of our many champagne charms, congratulations charms or key charms!!

Graduation charmGraduation charmGraduation charm

key charmchampagne charmchampagne charm

The graduation ceremony itself is highly symbolic, marking the beginning of a new era for new graduates with the start of their careers and professions. The design team here at TheCharmWorks thinks that representing this life altering change by adding a personalised and individual profession charm to the graduation bracelet would be a beautiful and poignant way for you to show your loved one your support in their new professional endeavours!! We’ve just picked out a few of our most popular job charms to give you an idea; our doctor charm, accountant and finance charm, lawyer charm, teacher charm, fashion charm and artist charm!

doctor charmaccountant charmlawyer charm

teacherfashion charmartist charm

There are of course many other professions and jobs that could be represented on your graduation charm bracelet!! Have a look at our occupation category on the website and get creative. We have a charm for every occasion! Happy hunting…and for all the graduates this summer…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!