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Alphabet Beads

Thursday, September 15th, 2011


Looking for ALPHABET BEADS? Say it in the most special way possible…say it with charms.



Here at The Charm Works we just LOVE Alphabet Beads. Easy to attach to your silver charm bracelet, easy to change around…our sterling silver alphabet beads are possibly the most creative charms we have. Whether you are looking just for a few initials…or whether you want to say something special to a loved one such as “LOVE YOU”, “BE MINE”…or even…”MARRY ME” the possibilities are endless.


The unique characteristic of every charm bracelet is the idea of individuality; that no two bracelets are the same and that each charm on every bracelet means something very special to the owner. We love this idea of jewelery that is worth far more than its monetary value as it is steeped in nostagic, emotional and sentimental value.


Our Sterling silver Alphabet Beads give you the freedom to creat something totally unique that has its impact not only in the beauty of the jewelery itself; but in the giving of a gift that is individual, personal and totally unique.