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Valentines Jewellery

Monday, January 30th, 2012




Valentines is fast approaching and many of you may be thinking about what you would like to receive…or what you would like to give this February 14th to your loved one. Here at TheCharmWorks we are helplessly sentimental and revel in everthing romantic. What at the end of the day, could be more romantic than a thoughtful charm bracelet given to represent and symobilise something sepcial, unique and important??


That being, we have a great Love and Hearts category where you will find a whole range of love / valentines themed charms that will make the ideal valentines jewellery this February 14th.


As always…if you have any questions or want to speak  to us about gifts this valentines day…just drop us a line.

















Chinese New Year – 2012 year of the Dragon!

Monday, January 9th, 2012


Chinese New Year is celebrated across the globe…and only a stones throw from Chinatown ourselves…we can’t WAIT for the party on Jan 23rd.


This year, Chinese New Year will be bigger and better than ever and will mark the beginning of the year of the Dragon. The year of the Dragon will encourage us to take charge of what we are doing…act strongly and to achieve what we want to…sounds good to us.


In the spirit of the Chinese New Year…check out some of our Dragon and Dragon-esque silver charms:




Bracelet Charms

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


Love charms? TheCharmWorks has a superb range of sterling silver and enamel Bracelet Charms that you will just adore!


Bracelet Charms are a superb way to accessorise or modernise your old silver bracelets and make a beautiful gift to others to start them on their way to a truely unique and stunning charm bracelet!

Bracelet Charms
come in all shapes, sizes and colours! For this reason, TheCharmWorks has a well designed category list to help you locate the charm you are looking for in a matter of seconds! That being said…many of our customers prefer to browse the website and our huge collection of bracelet charms to give them ideas and inspiration for what charms to purchase.

This month we have had some very strong best sellers of Bracelet Charms….mostly due to the graduation, wedding and party season lasting all summer long! Take a look at some of our bestsellers below and click to follow the links.


Visit to check out all our bracelet charms!!




Charm Beads

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

TheCharmWorks blog posts to date have given you a shiny snap-shot of our stunning silver charms and charm bracelets, featuring some of our best selling items, along with new additions to our silver charms catalogue which growing by the day,  affords our loyal customers more choice than ever!! Moreover, TheCharmWorks Design Team is hard at work to bring you the newest looks and combinations of charms and charm bracelets that will keep you looking fabulous every day, no matter the occasion.

This week, our dedicated design team are raving about a relatively new addition to TheCharmWorks family…our Charm Beads and Charm Bead Bracelets!! The buzz words among the designers are flexible-fabulous-fashion…and the key to our charm beads  is just that…they are incredibly flexible…and can be added to your bracelet or taken off in an instant which allows you to create a multitude of different looks with one bracelet!!

Crystal Charm BeadPink Crystal Charm BeadCrystal Charm Bead

Deep purple Crystal Charm Beadsilver heart charm beadsilver crystal crown charm bead

Following the design team’s remit, we pulled together some of our favourite silver charm beads and crystal charm beads to create a beautiful Pretty in Pink charm bead bracelet combination that is simply stunning…! I think they work beautifully together as graded shades of pink, however if I was to wear this for a dinner with my in-laws, maybe I’d chose just the silver beads along with the lovely white crystal bead and similarly just chose the pretty ‘party’ pink beads for a night out with my ladies on the town! Whatever your fancy…there is no doubting the flexibility of these pieces of jewellery which not only make them amazing value for money but something that you will wear for more than one season.

Have a look at our amazing range of bead charms where you will also find glass charm beads, colourful glass bead charms and beautiful novelty bead charms. As always, please get in touch with your feedback!