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Snowflake Charms

Friday, October 28th, 2011


Everyone at TheCharmWorks has their fingers crossed for a white Christmas! It seems that no matter how hold you are…snow at Christmas is especially magical and excited speculation as to the forecast for the day buzzes through the media until Christmas Eve itself. When the cold nap eventually comes, fat fluffy snowflakes dance down from the heavy clouds in their millions – covering our familiar landscape in a smooth, pristine duvet of brilliant snow. The romance and symbolism of snowfall is as enduring as ever…and for this reason, TheCharmWorks has a beautiful collection of snowflake charms that will brighten up any charm bracelet or charm necklace for the winter months.


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Above I posted my favourite winter snowflake charms which as well as delicately elegant, also demonstrate how different materials give different looks on our sterlign silver charms. The first snowflake is our Sterling Silver Crystal Snowflake Charmand is perhaps our most popular snowflake charm and is priced at £11.00. Its heavy silver structure is striking and adds to support a brilliant clear crystal in it’s centre…perectly frosty for a snowflake charm! The third charm is our Sterling Silver Enamel and Crystal Snowflake Charm which at only £8.00 is very affordable indeed! This charm is the perfect marriage of colour and sophistication. The light blue enamel inlay offsets the blue crystal centre just perfectly. Moreover, the sterlign silver base of the charm frames the shape of the snowflake making this a truely special addition to any charm bracelet that you will enjoy looking at for ages to come.


As ever, if you have any questions regarding our charms please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact details on the contacts page.