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Wedding Charms

Thursday, August 25th, 2011


If you’re in your late 20’s / early 30’s you may have had the busiest summer in a few years…with a different wedding or stag/hen doo every weekend! Don’t let wedding fever catch you offguard this year…make sure your wedding gifts are planned in advance!


Although wedding lists are popular these days with the happy couple pre-selecting what they’d like as gifts to furnish their homes…it is all a bit too organised and British for my liking. The very essence of gift giving that makes it beautiful is the wholly  personal and affection nature of the gesture. Ordering a set of china or picking up a random vase is about as personal as WallMart! TheCharmWorks however offers you a delightfully romanitc, nostalgic, memorable and personal solution to wedding gifts….the ever popular charm bracelet!!


We ADORE charms and charm bracelets and are stern defenders of everything nostalgic!! That being, we have a stunning selection of wedding charms and wedding charm bracelets that will make your heart melt! Our wedding  charms are broad enough in concept that they are personal yet make a statement about someone’s very special day…something that we all share in common.


Many of our customers decide to give a charm bracelet to the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and matron of honour. Each bracelet can be individualised with a sparkling initial charm…or one of our many other charms that indicates to the person you giving it to. Perhaps one of our most popular wedding charms is the beautiful church charm with a couple getting married inside! You probably can;t get more nostalgic than that!



However, should you want a quick and easy solution to buying a wedding charm bracelet, we have the perfect products! We have just launched our brand new pre-made range of charm bracelets called The Gift Collection, which feature an adorable Bridesmaid Charm Bracelet and a Wedding Charm Bracelet!




Charmed by the Royal Wedding

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

It would be easy to forget that Easter is almost upon us as the whole country seems to be gripped by Royal Wedding Fever…and us at TheCharmWorks are no exception! For lots of our customers, this will probably be the first big Royal Wedding in living memory…taking into account that you’d probably have to be about 32 to have remembered Princess Diana’s wedding day and her iconic wedding dress! Here at TheCharmWorks we unashamedly rejoice in the nostalgia, joy and everlasting memories that weddings evoke and we are extremely proud that our silver charms and silver charm bracelets lovingly accompany countless brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and their loved ones every year on their wedding days…what a privilege!

For this reason we are utterly ‘charm’ed by Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding next week and in recognition, we will be waving the flag this April 29th by adding our Union Jack hanging and bead charms to our silver charm bracelets, along with our awesome Great Britain Charm to show the future King and Queen that the whole country is behind them! You can do the same…check out what we have and let us know which are your favourites!

Union Jack CharmUnion Jack CharmGreat Britain Charm


The very nature of charm bracelets means that anyone who loves to collect trinkets to commemorate a special occasion, loves the idea of doing so by adding a beautiful sterling silver charm to their bracelet. Why not have a look at our more elegant royal charms to commemorate the Royal wedding…which include a wide range of crown charms and tiara charms, as well as other novel designs, such as the Royal Throne charm, the Big Ben charm or even our adorable Queen’s Grenadier charm!


Jewelled Crown CharmTiara CharmRoyal Crown Charm


Who knows…maybe after the wedding we could get a Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Dress Charm!! We are all hoping that it would be an elegant, fashionable charm that would wow all fashion-istas out there…but I guess we will have to be patient and wait and see! Let us know what you get up to on April 29th and which charms you chose to commemorate the day.