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Want your charms attached? We'll do it for you..

  • Buying charms and a bracelet? Before you complete your order you'll be prompted to decide if we should attach your charms or not....say yes!
  • Attaching requests? Want your heart next to your star? Let us know in the "Order Comments Box" in Checkout. Not fussed? Then we'll space them evenly along the bracelet.
  • How do we attach them? We use sturdy non-solder sterling silver jump rings
  • Cost? We'll do it for free*
  • Questions? Get in touch

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  • Same Day Dispatch on all orders placed before 4pm Monday - Friday (*excludes engraving unless purchased with Next Day Delivery, when it would be prioritised & dispatched the same day)
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Attaching Charms at Home

We will add any new CharmWorks charms for free to a bracelet that has previously been purchased from us. All you need to do is contact us and return your bracelet (If possible please contact us before placing the new order).

If you have already started a charm bracelet the charms from our site can be added to virtually any bracelet. There are a number of ways you can add items to your bracelet some easier than others. All our hanging charms come with a sterling silver jump ring and a 5mm sterling silver split ring as standard unless another attachment type is purchased. The split ring is pictured on the left below and the jump ring in the middle.


Split Ring ( Right Image ): A split ring is basically like a very small key ring it springs open when you slide a charm onto it and then holds itself 'shut' once you have done so. This type of ring is perfect for adding charms to bracelets if you do not want to take the item to a jewellers. The only downside is they only work with thin bracelets as if the rings are stretched to far they will not return to their original state and thus not providing a secure method of attachment. A pair of split ring pliers can help when opening them but is not strictly necessary it just makes it a little easier with smaller rings ( less than 7mm ). Purchase extra 6mm Sterling Silver Split Rings ( £1.95 per Pair )

Jump Ring: This is a sterling silver ring, these are used when one wants to have a charm soldered to a bracelet. Soldering provides one of the most secure methods of attachment but means once placed charms can not really be moved. This can be done at a local jewellers, often the retailer of your bracelet will be able to do this for you at a discounted rate. It should be noted that prices for soldering vary wildly we have heard of people paying from nothing up to £30 !! All our charms come with the jump ring needed to do this. It would also be possible to use this ring to attach a charm to a bracelet or to use it as a pendant on a chain. However there would be a risk of it coming lose or if the charm got pulled it could fall off.

No Solder Jump Ring ( Left Image) : The jump ring pictured on the right is what is called a 'no solder' jump ring. This ring can be used to attach a charm to a charm bracelet without soldering but while still providing an excellent way of adding to a bracelet. These jump rings are of the highest quality and saw cut so they can be opened and closed to provide an almost seamless join. This method of attachment is the most ideal as it provides the benefits of soldering without either the cost or the permanency. These provide virtually as strong a connection as soldering. If a no solder ring is used charms can be added and removed from a bracelet for example if tastes change or you want to add a charm representing something that changed since the bracelet was assembled. This is the method we use to attach charms to all the bracelets we assemble for our customers. We can supply these with any order just click here to purchase them ( No Solder Jump Rings £1.95 for 2 ).

Charms on a Lobster Clasp We can add any of our charms to a sterling silver lobster clasp so they can be clipped onto necklaces and bracelet. If you wish us to send out your charms on a lobster clasp just add the correct number of Lobster Clasps from this link.

Charms on a Hanger Bead Any of our charms can be added to a bead bracelet using a sterling silver Hanger Bead. If you wish us to send out your charms on a hanger bead we have a number of core sizes and styles available. Just add the correct number to your cart from the Accessories Category.

Bracelet Assembly Service We are happy to attach charms from TheCharmWorks to preexisting TheCharmWorks bracelets for you. All you need to do is add the charms you want to your shopping cart and then add an order comment asking us to hold the order as you are sending back an existing bracelet for us to attach the charms. Unfortunately we are unable to attach charms brought from other retailers or our charms to bracelets that are from a different retailer.

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